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Canine Anxiety and Origins Tuesday Training Tips with Tuff

Tuesday Training Tips with TuffTuesday Sept 15, 2020Canine Anxiety and Origin
Problematic behaviors are severe welfare issues for one of the world’s most popular pets, the domestic dog. One of the most prevalent behavioral problem that causes distress to dogs is social fearfulness, meaning fear of non-specific objects or unfamiliar people (Puurunen, 2020)Large and stable personality differences (also called coping styles, temperament, behavioral syndrome) are observed in many behavioral traits, such as in aggressiveness or fearfulness across species (Sih, 2204)Fear and anxiety are both emotions with negative valence (Ramazan, 2016). Fear is suggested to be brief in duration, stimulated by a specific stimuli, and resulting in either fight or flight, whereas anxiety is prolonged, focused on the future, and does not necessarily have a specific object of threat (Tiira, 2015). In dogs, fearfulness can be categorized based on the object and the situation into social and non-social fearfulne…

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